Name / position Phone E-mail
Anatoly Goy Executive Director Тел.: (391) 290-15-01 goy.a@zaogm.ru
Dmitry Zikiryaev Commercial director Тел.: (391) 219-29-88 zikiryaev.d@zaogm.ru
Office Manager
Ekaterina Minihanova Office Manager Тел.: (391) 290-15-02 minihanova.e@zaogm.ru
Project Sales Division
Evgeny Kornilov Project sales manager (ore deposits) Тел.: (391) 290-15-60 kornilov.e@zaogm.ru
Nikolay Skripkin Project Sales Manager (alluvial deposits) Тел.: (391) 290-15-07 skripkin.n@zaogm.ru
Elvira Gayazova Project Sales Manager Тел.: (391) 290-15-60 gayazova.e@zaogm.ru
Lusine Hachbulagyan Project Sales Manager Тел.: (391) 290-15-07 hachbulagyan.l@zaogm.ru
FEA department
Margarita Bakunevich Foreign Economic Activity Manager Тел.: (391) 290-18-99 bakunevich.m@zaogm.ru
Product managers
Alexey Devlyashov Sales Manager of drilling tools and equipment for drilling Тел.: (391) 290-15-05 devlyashov.a@zaogm.ru
Irina Vinichenko Leading specialist in sales of concentrating equipment LLC "MMC Rudgormash" Тел.: (391) 290-16-00 vinichenko.i@zaogm.ru
Sales department for Siberia
Alexander Shavrov Sales Manager (Siberia) Тел.: (391) 290-15-00 shavrov.a@zaogm.ru
Sergey Kudryavtsev Manager (Krasnoyarsk region, Irkutsk region) Тел.: (391) 290-15-06 kudryavcev.s@zaogm.ru
Alina Kulikova Manager (Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk region) Тел.: (391) 219-29-83 kulikova.a@zaogm.ru
Sales department for the Far East
Olga Goncharova Sales Manager (Far East) (Magadan region, Kamchatka region, Chukotka) Тел.: (391) 290-02-55 goncharova.o@zaogm.ru
Sergey Korotchenko Manager (Trans-Baikal Territory) Тел.: (391) 219-29-80 korotchenko.s@zaogm.ru
Oleg Kireev Senior Manager (Amur region, the Jewish Autonomous Region, Sakhalin Region) Тел.: (391) 290-10-52 kireev.o@zaogm.ru
Olga Kolesnikova Manager (Khabarovsk, Primorsky Krai) Тел.: (391) 290-15-77 kolesnikova.o@zaogm.ru
Service center
Andrey Voloboev Service Engineer Тел.: 8-950-420-58-30 voloboev.a@zaogm.ru
Dmitrij Ilichev Service Engineer Тел.: 8-983-506-71-64, 8-953-595-81-73 ilichev.d@zaogm.ru
Maxim Shokurov Service engineer (cone bits) Тел.: 8-987-169-32-27 shokurov.m@zaogm.ru
Marketing and tender departments
Ekaterina Shavkunova Marketing specialist Тел.: (391) 256-88-99 parashhenko.e@zaogm.ru
Alexandrа Moshkina Specialist tender department Тел.: (391) 290-03-50 moshkina.a@zaogm.ru
Purchase department
Anastasia Chipizubova Head of Procurement Department Тел.: (391) 219-29-87 chipizubova.a@zaogm.ru
Elena Belyavceva Procurement Manager Тел.: (391) 290-33-21 melnikova.e@zaogm.ru
Alexander Maloshkin Procurement Manager Тел.: (391) 290-15-11 maloshkin.a@zaogm.ru
Yuliya Budnikova Procurement Manager Тел.: (391) 256-03-65 budnikova.yu@zaogm.ru
Logistics department
Daria Gorbacheva Logistician Тел.: (391) 290-33-07 gorbacheva.d@zaogm.ru
Vitaly Popovich Logist-storekeeper Тел.: (391) 290-03-50 popovich.v@zaogm.ru
Biryukova Kseniya Logistician Тел.: (391) 219-29-86 biryukova.k@zaogm.ru
Legal department and accounting
Anna Mironova Jurist Тел.: (391) 2-901-503 mironova.a@zaogm.ru
Krasotkina Anna Jurist Тел.: (391) 290-15-03 krasotkina.a@zaogm.ru
Tatyana Kuznetsova Accountant Тел.: (391) 290-15-04 kuznecova.t@zaogm.ru
Name / position Phone E-mail
Alexander Vakulich Director Тел.: +7 (495) 107-92-95 vakulich.a@zaogm.ru
Product managers
Tatiana Ignatikova Head of sales of concentrating equipment LLC "MMC Rudgormash" Тел.: (495) 107-92-93 ignatikova.t@zaogm.ru
Sales department
Evgeny Kuznetsov Manager Тел.: (495) 107-92-94 kuznecov.e@zaogm.ru
Name / position Phone E-mail
Sergei Zhuravlev Director of a separate subdivision of JSC "Mining machines" in the Sverdlovsk region Тел.: +7-982-695-60-80 zhuravlev.s@zaogm.ru
Sales department
Aleksandr Ebel Sales manager Тел.: +7-922-222-45-02 ebel.a@zaogm.ru
Name / position Phone E-mail
Sergey Kozlenko Director of the official representative of JSC "Mining machines" in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Тел.: (41147) 45742, 8-924-362-26-34, 8-914-242-10-17 kozlenko.s@zaogm.ru
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