Heavy drilling shaft bars SBSH-250MNA-32 for Vietnam


There was new batch of shaft bars forwarded to Vietnam, intended for the operation of the rotary drilling machine SBSH-250MNA-32. This time there were heavy drilling shaft bars 086-55.12.0000 С selected, where letter «С» in the demarcation means that according to the request from the Customer shaft bars were equipped with enforced coupling and nipple.

Shaft bars are acting as the connection joint between the drilling machine and cutting tool, in case of SBSH-250MNA-32 machine — with the roller cone tool. Heavy drilling shaft bars are distinguished by the bigger wall thickness and increased hardness. As a rule selection of such type of shaft bar can be explained by the high level of drilled rock roughness.

Shaft bars delivered by the «Mining machines» JSC are manufactured by the factory of «Rudgormash» LLC also being the manufacturer of drilling machines of SBSH-250 type. Products are manufactured with the help of imported equipment by professional employees of the engineering plant with the 78 year working experience. That is why we are pretty sure that our customers are selecting the product with undisputable quality!

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