High-performance trammel with jigging technology for technogenic lixiviation dump areas

Variant of trammel configuration on the basis of GIT-52 MB (ГИТ-52 МБ) and jigging machine TRUD-12 (ТРУД-12).

The unit takes into account principle specifications of lixiviation dump areas:

·       limited fineness (upto 100-120 mm) and good washability of fine-grained tailings;

·       low content requiring washability performance 100-200 m3/hr;

·       availability in fine-grained tailings of hard-to-extract gold which is not caught by sluices.

Subject to good washability for desintegration of fine-grained tailings the double-deck unbalanced throw screen GIT-52MB (ГИТ-52МБ) was selected. The double-deck screen allows to extract from fine-grained tailings fine fraction (minus 5 - minus 10 mm), beneficated with gold.

Undersize fraction (minus 5 - minus 10 mm) is conveyed to the jigging machine Trud-12 (Труд-12) (as a variant Trud-6PR (Труд-6ПР)). The concentrate is additionally ground on MOD-2M (МОД-2М) or MOD-3M (МОД-3М) and then on SKO-7.5 (СКО-7,5).

Machine configuration is arranged subject to customer’s specifications and requirements. The shipment may include as follows: feeding gate, screen GIT-52MB (ГИТ-52МБ) (or any other), jigging machines, concentrating tables.

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