Jaw crusher Canada manufactured Terminator

In 2005 “Irgiredmet” OJSC Test and assessment centre upon recommendation of a foreign partner purchased a jaw crusher Terminator manufactured by a Canadian company “TM Engineering Ltd”.

Throughout the service period in Irgiredmet and until now Terminator jaw crusher demonstrated high-quality and uninterrupted operation: using it they continuously crush ore samples from different deposits, it is easy to operate and maintain.

Jaw crusher engine with the power 5.5 kW ensures efficient disintegration of samples at fineness of supply material upto 100 mm (table)

Table. Example of disintegration of ore of various weights, at various clearances of Terminator jaws

Performance rate at various jaw clearances

Share of fraction plus 2 mm in product

Sample crushing time, weight 10 kg

Performance, samples per hour subject to auxiliary operations (+3 min. per sample)

70 kg/hr


12 min.


420 kg/hr


1.5 min.


720 kg/hr


50 sec.



“TM Engineering Ltd.” Canadian company manufactures not only “Terminator” jaw crusher but a complete complex of sample preparation equipment:

Ore disintegration

  • Jaw Crusher Terminator - from 150 to 2 mm
  • Jaw Crusher Rhino - from 120 to 2 mm
  • Jaw Crusher with splitter
  • gyratory cone breaker - from 20 to 2 mm
  • roll crushers - upto minus 1 mm
  • Roll crusher with splitter

Grinding of samples

  • sample grinder STLX - for samples of upto 500 gr.
  • sample grinder MAX-2 - for samples of upto 2 kg
  • sample grinder with 4 cups 1000 ml each - for samples of upto 8 kg

Uninterrupted sample grinding

  • auto grinder XT1000

Classification of ground samples

  • (Jones) samplers

Splitting and mixing of materials

  • rotating samplers
  • homogenizers

For detailed information regarding equipment by TM Engineering Ltd. please refer to Krasnoyarsk:

“Mining machines” CJSC, office 301, bldg. 1, 2 Vysotnaya str., Krasnoyarsk 660062 Russian Federation
phone/fax: (391) 290-15-55, 290-15-00, 290-15-01, e-mail: gm@zaogm.ru


“Zolotodobycha” No. 175, June 2013, “Mining machines” CJSC

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