SBSh-250-D (СБШ-250-Д) - a mobile well roller-bit drilling rig

Specialists of design bureau of “Rudgormash” OJSC subject to customers’ requirements developed design documentation and there was prepared to batch production roller-bit drilling rig SBSh-250-D (СБШ-250-Д) with diesel drive, crawler-tracked for drilling blastholes with diameter 200-270 mm in solid highly abrasive rocks.


The rig provides for its operating independence in the open quarry which considerably reduces time and costs for rig transporting independent of mounting of overhead quarry electric networks.

Diesel engine Cummins QSK19, power rate 650 h.p., distinguished by its low fuel consumption (0.24 l/kW h) and high operating reliability is installed on the rig. In-line arrangement of the compressor, engine and pump unit facilitates their maintenance. A fuel tank with the capacity 2.5 m3 provides for rig’s 24 hours’ operation. All the operations of the rig: transportation, levelling, lifting and lowering the gantry, supplying and rotating the drilling tools, drilling assembly connection are ensured by the hydraulic drive.

The rig can travel around work sites with smoothly regulated speed - from 0 to 2.5 km/hr. Hydraulic drive performed on the basis of mobile hydraulic system Bosch Rexroth (Germany) provides for high reliability of rig operation, smooth activation of operations, no hydraulic shocks, considerable reduction in noise and vibration, accuracy of operation regulation, so far as performance of adjustable pumps is set automatically by feedback system depending on the speed of the operation being performed, such speed is set by proportional control distributors.

Availability in the hydraulic drive of the “idle run” mode supports the hydraulic system in the temperature mode of permanent stand-by which is valuable and important for rig robust operation in winter conditions. Whereas, if all the hydraulic operations are deactivated pumps are set into the minimal running volume, pumping 10-15 l/min of power oil through hydraulic system units. Upon customer’s request the rig is equipped with the compressor with the performance rate 28 m3/min or 40 m3/min depending on borehole diameter. The compression pump is equipped with the air end manufactured by world’s leading companies.

Reasonable configuration of main rig units adds to good stability to the rig during borehole drilling and during travelling from one drilled borehole to the point of another one.

The mast frame is of closed type with idler pulleys, of strengthened structure.  Mast rotation mounting beams provide for strength and reliability at feed force of 35 t and torque 1,300 kgm.

Rope-tackle-block, of two oil cylinders, drilling assembly feed drive allows to absorb shocks and vibrations at drilling holes along fissured rocks.

Mounting group and rotary head are performed separately which also protects the rotary head from shocks and vibrations at drilling holes along geologically complicated masses.

The rig cage is of increased dimensions with glass heating, heat-insulated walls, floor and roof. It also has a wooden flooring and rubber coating, it is equipped with the air heater Eberspecher and air-conditioner (on top) Webasto. Vibration-protected armchair, two control panels with the indicating unit of basic drill parameters: depth of drilling, speed of sinking, drilling spindle rotation frequency, etc.  This facilitates maintenance and fosters increase in comfort of drill rig crew’s labour.  Upon customer’s requirement the rig is added with a kit for its re-equipment to drill boreholes with the diameter from 170 mm to 311 mm.

Technical specifications of drill rig SBSh-250-D (СБШ-250-Д) with the diesel engine

Rig type

SBSh (СБШ) - rotary drilling with rolling cutter bits

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature from -400С to +500С

Hardness coefficient of the rocks to be drilled by Protodyakonov scale


Borehole diameter, conditional, mm


Length of drill rod, m


Quantity of rods, pcs.

4 (3 in separator)

Maximal depth of boring, m


Borehole deviation to vertical, grades

0-30 with pitch through 5 grades

Feed drive

Two oil cylinders, 4-fold rope-tackle-block system

Maximal feed force, ts

upto 35

Speed of drill string supply at boring, m/min

Smoothly regulated from 0 to 6

Maximal speed of drill string supply at boring, m/min:

- lifting - 32;
- lowering - 20

Rotation frequency of drilling assembly, rpm

Smoothly regulated from 0 to 150

Maximal torque on bore bit, kgf*m


Rotary head drive

Two hydraulic motors “Bosch Rexroth”

Dust suppression

Wet, dry (optional)

Motor type

Diesel engine QSK19 Cummins

Engine power, kW (h.p.)

485 (650)

Rated rotation speed, rpm


Type of fuel

Diesel fuel according to GOST (ГОСТ) 305-82

Specific fuel consumption, l/kW*hr


Hourly average fuel consumption at optimal load of engine, l


Displacement of fuel tank, l


Type of coolant in the engine cooling system

Tosol-А40М (Tosol-А65М)

Volume of coolant in the engine cooling system, l


Pre-start heating of engine and compressor

Heaters “Eberspecher”

Electronic control and monitoring of engine

Electronic module ECM of engine

Pressured air pressure (excessive), MPa (kgf/cm2)

0,7 (7)

Compressor drive

From engine to coupling “Stromag”

Electronic control and monitoring of compressor

Compressor controller

Type of pumps

Pumping unit “Bosch Rexroth” composed of:
2 axial piston adjustable pumps with the tilt block;
-2 axial piston adjustable pumps with the wobble plate

Drive of pumps

From engine to coupling “Stromag”

Fan frive of coolers of: engine, compressor, hydraulics and dust blower

Axial piston hydraulic motors “Bosch Rexroth”

Drive of caterpillar tracks

Two adjustable axial piston hydraulic motors “Bosch Rexroth” with supercharging safety brake valves

Control & distribution hydraulics

Section units “Bosch Rexroth” with LS-control of M4 type

Maximal operating pressure, kgf/cm2


Filtration of power fluid

Filters “МР FILTRI”:
- pressure filter (filtration fineness 10 µm);
- discharge filter (filtration fineness 10 µm);
- suction filter (filtration fineness 25 µm).

Type of power fluid

Mineral oil of multigrade low-temperature hydraulic oil

Maximal elevation angle at movement, grades


Number of lift jacks for levelling, pcs.


Length of lift jack travel, mm


Pre-heating of water tank (wet dust suppression)

Flare preheater

Rig dimensions with lifted mast, m:

- length - 10,5;
- width - 5,7;
- height - 18,4;

Rig dimensions with lowered mast, m:

- length - 17,8;
- height - 6,6;

Weight of rig, kg

90 000

Additional configuration upon customer’s request

Central lubrication “Linkoln”
automatic fire-fighting system
automated data collection system “Kobus”
welding generator

Additional options at request:

Borehole diameter, conditional, mm

311 (3 rods, boring depth 27 metres)

Pre-heating of water tank (wet dust suppression)

Flare preheater

Lift jack travelling length, mm


Length of drill rod, m

11.4 (boring depth 43 metres)




“Gornaya Promyshlennost” No.2 (96) March-April 2011, “Mining machines” CJSC

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