Mobile screening and crushing unit with the tramp iron catcher PSU-650M

"EVRAZ Nakhodka Commercial Seaport" is one of the largest stevedoring companies in the Far East of Russia.

The port specializes in cargo transloading of EVRAZ enterprises such as coal, as well as products of the iron and steel industry.

Cooperation with JSC "Mining machines" led to the development of a mobile nonpropelled complex for sorting, partial crumbling, and coal cleaning from metal inclusions with a productivity of up to 500 tons / hour, which was later called PSU-650 M.

The mobile loading and sorting unit is targeted at sorting, partial crumbling, extraction from separately detected metal inclusions, transportation and storage on fractions of the packed density material of not more than 1.4 t / m3 (sand, coal, limestone) at the rock-crushing plants or being a part of the mobile (not automatic) crushing-and-sorting line.


The loading and sorting unit is a unified mobile equipment complex, performed on a common wheeled landing gear. Before starting work, the unit is mounted on the telescopic support stands. Such structural design allows you spreading out the installation in the rock plant or on a construction site without the construction of a special foundation, moves it without additional disassembling.

The absence of the internal combustion engine, hydraulic drive of the conveyor and rattling noise makes it possible to reduce the exploitation expenditures for care and maintenance of the unit in comparison with the similar mobile units of the foreign production.



Mobile screening and crushing unit  with the tramp iron catcher PSU-650M

Fig. 1. General view of the loading and sorting unit




Productivity (estimated), m³ / h


Weight, kg, not more than

33 000

Overall dimensions (LxBxH), mm:

- for transport

- in working order


17500 х 2550 х 4000

17800 х 3700 х 4850

Energy consumption

From power supply network

Total mechanical capacity of the devices , kW



locally, control cabinet

-packed density  of the  feed material, t / m3, max.


-maximum size of the loaded pieces, mm, no more than


- loading height, mm, max.


- hopper volume, m3, not less than


- size of the deck plate, mm / area, m2

1400х5500 / 7,7

- the size of the gap between the discs, mm

75, 100,150 (on request)


 Main advantages:

 1. Loading and sorting the source material

 The material can be loaded both by a front side forklift or an excavator, on both sides. Hopper walls of the clatter- feeder are lined to increase the long-term performance. There are angular and spacer disks from wear-resisting steel on the rollers of the clatter.

 The belt pulley is lined up with a special friction facing providing reliable adhesion to the surface of the conveyor belt. The bearing assemblies UCP318 are highly durable


2. Storing of the material

Transportation and unloading of the sorted material from the rotating grizzly into the cone of the finished product is carried out through a discharge conveyor. The discharge conveyor is equipped with a herringbone.


3. Management

  The unit is controlled from the control cabinet to which the power supply cable is connected. The cabinet is fixed to the general installation frame. Inside the cabinet there is a panel with separate control buttons for all devices of the unit. The emergency stop buttons in the event of emergencies are located in the cabinet itself, as well as on the opposite side of unit.


4. Service and transportation

There are hinged platforms on both sides of the unit, which make it easy to get to the bearing assemblies, clatter- feeder gearings during the maintenance. At the lay-down job, the platforms are folded and became vertically on the sides of the unit.

The lubrication of all bearing assemblies as well as chain drive is consistent, is injected through special oil housings.




Based on the results of tests on the territory of the port of JSC "EVRAZ NMTP" upon completion of the chief of installation and commissioning works of PSU-650M, the following results were derived:

• When loading by the shovel loader with a bucket capacity of 4.5 m3 each, 3 buckets per minute were supplied to the unit, total capacity of the unit was 486 t / h, the weight of one bucket was 2.7 t.

• When loading by the shovel loader with a bucket capacity of 4.5 m3 each, 4 buckets per minute were supplied to the plant, total capacity of the unit was 648 t / h, the weight of one bucket was 2.7 t.

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