Screens GIT-52MB (ГИТ-52МБ): designated to develop technogenic and placer accumulation deposits

The global financial recession which is suffered globally and a surge of stock-exchange prices to gold as stipulated thereby keep intensively pushing users of mineral resources to search deposits which do not require big investments and operational expenses for development thereof.

Along with natural placer accumulations and bedding rocks of gold and other precious metals the man-made deposits which are represented by old sludge dumps as well as by old dump sites of mining and processing integrated works keep becoming objects of intent interest of business and they are more and more involved into secondary processing with the application of advanced benefication equipment and technologies. 

Technologies of development and benefication for man-made and natural deposits formed by rocks with the high bulk density (1.5 t/m3 and more) put increased requirements as to screens.

Screens GIT-52MB (ГИТ-52МБ) are developed specifically for placer mining. It has a number of structural engineering peculiarities which provide for increased operating reliability:

  • walls of the box are fabricated of wear-resistant steel 10НХД;
  • walls of screens are stiffened by additional faceplates;
  • vibration-resistant bearings are installed in vibrators;
  • packing of bearing units provide for durability in high humidity environment which is characteristic for wet screening;
  • connection of connecting beams with walls is carried out via semiflexible joints;
  • welding joints of sieves with walls are replaced with riveted ones;
  • stiffness of springs is increased.

When operated at a gold-mining works the screen provides for the output rate of not less than 800 t/hr, whereas the size of separate lumps of the rock being processed may reach 1 m and more.

As the upper sieve of the screen grizzly grates serve. They are distinguished by high strength and are designated to separate boulders and cobble roundstone which prevents damage to lower sieves, endures the service life and reduces replacement costs.

Metal mesh and polyurethane panels may be installed on the lower tier of the screen.

Screens GIT 52 MB (ГИТ 52 МБ) are successfully used at mining of man-made placer deposits and lixiviation dump areas jointly with vibration  hopper feed unit PV PBR (ПВ ПБР) 1,2/2,7.

An advantage of this type of feeders is that their efficiency can be regulated with the use of a remote control - from zero to maximum.  Regulation is carried out with the use of the frequency converter, without stopping processing lines of the enterprise.

Processing technologies based on the use of screens GIT 52 MB (ГИТ 52 МБ) and vibration feed hoppers PV-PBR (ПВ-ПБР) 1,2/2,7 make gold extraction from surfaces of lixiviation dump areas very profitable.

Often advanced technologies based on this equipment are economically more interesting than acquiring new licenses to sites of subsurface resources so far as they allow to the user of mineral resources to avoid performance of huge volumes of capital mining operations and overburden operations which are unavoidable at development of deep-seated gold-bearing sands, including those of so-called subsurface alluvial deposits.

“Gornaya Promyshlennost” No.1 (89) January-February 2010, “Mining machines” CJSC

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