Screen GIT-52MB (ГИТ-52МБ) for trammels

Has been developed specifically for placer gold deposits.

  • Lengthened screening surface
  • Increased strength of the box
  • It can run on sands with boulders of upto 400 mm, etc.
  • Double-deck screening allows for selecting from sands the fraction minus 10-12 mm to extract gold on shallow sluices.


Technical specifications of screen GIT-52MB (ГИТ-52МБ)

Name of parameters


Performance by feedstock, m3/hr

up to 200*

Fineness of feedstock, mm

upto 400

Bulk weight of fill-up ground, t/m3

upto 2.8

Quantity of decks, pcs.


Sizes of screen mesh (of the upper one (grizzly grate) and of the lower one) - under customer’s technical specifications.
To make choice data on particle size composition are required

Size of screening surface, mm (l x w)

500 х 1750

Screen angle, grades

15 - 30

Amplitude of oscillations, mm

6,0 - 9,6

Frequency of oscillations, min-1


Power of drive, kW


Weight of screen in assembly, t


Additional options: the screen may be provided with a spray system built-in into screen beams


* It depends on specific screening conditions and on grain-size composition of the material being screened; it is regulated by the angle 

Screens GIT-52MB (ГИТ-52МБ) are manufactured by “Management Mining Machinery Company – Rudgormash-Voronezh”. Period of manufacturing - 2 months.
The official representative of Rudgormash in the Eastern Siberia is “MINING MACHINES” LLC
in Krasnoyarsk city, phone/fax: (391) 290-15-55, 290-15-00, 290-15-01, electronic mail: gm@zaogm.ru

“Zolotodobycha” No.11 (168) November 2012, “Mining machines” CJSC


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