Belt conveyors

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Belt conveyor - is one of the most common means of continuous transporation of various cargoes within the certain distance in ore mining, building, matallurgicall and many other branches. They are of general-purpose, adjustable and reliable due to their simple design.


Belt conveyors are essential during manufacture allowing proving continuous feeding of various resources and finished products for the subsequent production stage.


Stationary belt conveyors - horizontal and inclined ones - are used both in closed and open rooms, and in open areas. Horizontal belt conveyors allow performing transportation of cargoes in horizontal plane, inclined belt conveyors - at the angle in the range of 20-45 degrees.


Mobile belt conveyors have the advantage of the rest types due to their mobility. These are standalone, completely built-up units, which can be completely transferred in operating condition within the serviced working area.


Retractable belt conveyors represent a self-propelled continuous machine mounted onto the rail track, and intended for transportation of bulk and lump materials.


All conveyors are manufactured according to the Data Sheet filed in by the Customer.

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