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Roller carriage - element supporting the loaded of return run on coveyors; it is actually eliminates vibration of carrying rollers and extends the service life.


Rollers -  one of the mo st common used conveyor parts with demountable and nondemountable structure which is included in the roller carriage.


Actuating mechanisms are intended for actuating the conveyor belt under the constant and variable speed. Motorized conveyor drum of gaer-motor drive can also be used.


Couplings are used for permanent connection of coaxial shafts compensating insignificant angular and radial displacement.


Drums are requared for transfer og pulling force. creation of desired tension and deviaton of thr conveyor belt.


Belt cleaners are used for cintinuous bel cleaning. This prevents returning of material and extends the service life of the belt; includes costs for manual celaning and increases the productivity.

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