KL 0,5/20

belt conveyor
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Belt conveyor KL 0,5/20 are designed to transport a continuous flow of bulk and lump materials in a horizontal and inclined position.


The belt conveyor  KL 0,5/20 is a continuous transporting device the working element of which is a conveyor belt. The frame of the belt conveyor is installed on supporting metal structures. At the one end of the frame there is a drive drum that drives the conveyor belt and at the other end - the tension drum. The working branch of the conveyor belt is supported by through rollers, the idler (lower) branch of the conveyor belt is supported by straight roller bearings. The belt conveyor frame is made of sections that are interconnected.



Parameters Value

Belt width, mm


Length of conveyors along the axes of drums, m м


Belt speed, m/s


Diameter of the drive drum, mm


Output (rated), m3 / h


Rated power of the drive motor, kW


Unloading height, mm


Cone of finished products


   - volume, m3 410
   - diameter, m



* The capacity is specified for standard conveyers, belt speed is 1,6 m/s, belt angle is 18°

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