centrifugal impact crusher
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Centrifugal crusher CUD-1600.7 are designed for grinding, granulation and crushing of ores and nonmetallic materials of various strength and hardness. This type of crusher is used in the production of cubiform crushed stone, construction sand and other fillers at the final crushing stages, where the basic quality characteristics of the finished products are formed. The centrifugal impact crusher makes it possible to achieve a high degree of crushing of materials, due to the high rate of material discharge.

The design of the centrifugal impact crusher is based on the impact method of crushing. The grains of the feed material are accelerated by centrifugal forces and thrown into the crushing chamber. The high kinetic energy of the grains ensures their destruction upon impact against a static surface: lining of the crusher, which can be made in the form of armor (destruction of «stone about metal») or self-lining of material (destruction of «stone about stone»).

The principle of operation of the centrifugal crusher

The high pressure fan in the chamber creates the air pressure necessary to «uplift» the rotor and create air gap between the rotor and the stator. The formed air pocket under the rotor plays the role of a gas bearing, making it possible to create a self- balancing system of active crushing member. The cardan gear drives the active crushing member and is able to adjust the level of the rotor «uplift». The feed product is fed through the funnels to the separation cone, which distributes it evenly through the channels of accelerator. The feed material, having received in the rotating accelerator the circumferential velocity necessary for the ejection and, accordingly, the kinetic energy, is impacted against the self-lining layer or the impact plates of the crushing chamber and breaks down.





Max. size of feed grains, mm


Crushing degree

   - soft rocks

2,6 ÷ 4,0

   - hard rocks

1,6 ÷ 3,5

Output, t/hour/ in open cycle

130 (300)

Nominal output, kW

   - drive

250 ÷ 315

   - boosting fan


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