drum-type sieve crusher
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Drum-type sieve crusher (DGB) is designed for mechanical crushing of coils (DGB-28M) and ores splitting under falling down (DGB-28R) with simultaneous classifying of crushing products and removal of uncrushable material.

This equipment is used at the open-air sites of coil and ore mining enterprises.


Parameters Value
Capacity, tons/h, not more than 200
Raw material size, mm, not more than 500
Finished product size, mm, not more than 35...10
Inner drum diameter, mm 2800
Drum working length, mm 5000
Drum rotation rate, rpm, not more than 18
Screen and mesh sizes, mm 50...150*
Electric motor capacity, kW 55x2
Longitude inclination angle, grad. 3
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than Multi-compartment
   - length (L) 11350
   - width (B 5100
   - height (H) 5535
Weight, kg, not more than 45400
*to be set by customer


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