KMD-1750 T

cone crusher
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Cone crushers KMD-1750 T - designed for grinding of rocks with compressive strength up to 300 MPa by crushing the material inside the fixed cone bowl by cone, making circular swing. Crushers may process: granite, basalt, quartzite, sandstone, limestone and other similar rocks. Not suitable for plastics and laminates.

Principle of cone crusher operation

The cone crusher annular working chamber is formed between the outer and inner fixed mobile cones. The rotating inner cone is secured to a shaft whose axis is inclined to the symmetry axis of the crusher. Upon shaft rotation due to the eccentricity the material crushing cones approach each other and upon separation the discharge of the final product is carried out. The output and the size of finished product can be adjusted by varying the clearance of the crushing gap, the shaft inclination and eccentricity.



Parameters Value




KMD-1750 T

Max. size of feed grains, mm



Closed side setting, mm


Output, m3/h



Estimated drive power, kW


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