КМ DSHCH-2,5х4

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Jaw crushers  ​КМ DSHCH-2,5х4 are the most reliable and multipurpose mechanism designed for grinding of materials. They are designed for grinding of rocks with a compressive strength of up to 300 MPa. Crushers can process: granites, basalts, gabbro, diabases, marble, dolomite and other hard rocks and materials, similar in characteristics - slags, concrete, minerals. More fragile substances such as coal, brick, ceramic wastes, scrap glass can be grinded more with the help of jaw crushers.

Jaw crushers are widely used in the extractive industry, in the production of construction and related materials, in metallurgy, in the chemical industry and in the sphere of transport.

Principle of operation of jaw crusher

The mechanism of jaw crusher is based on squeezing of grains of ground material between the jaws that results in compression and shearing processes, reaching a high degree of tension and breaking the feed material. The first jaw of the crusher is fixed and the other is moved by the connecting rod. The upper edge of the movable jaw moves along the trajectory of swinging. The shaft of rod rotates with the help of an electric drive by means of a belt drive of a tapered cross-section. Another pulley is attached to this rod, which functions as a counterweight and a flywheel of the main pulley. The lower edge of the moving jaw can be adjusted horizontally, with the minimum width of the gap defining the maximum size of the resulting grains of the crushed material. The jaws of the crusher converge at an angle, as a result of which the crushing chamber acquires a wedge shape. The dead weight of the material to be crushed moves it from the loading slot to the lower opening. The walls of the crushing chamber do not take part in the process of material grinding, controlling only its presence in the crusher.



Parameters Value



Max. size of feed grains, mm


Closed side setting, mm

20 ÷ 80

Output, m3/h

4 ÷ 16

Estimated drive power, kW



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