range vibrating cone crushers
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Designed for crushing KID-600 hard brittle materials of up to 3000 kg/cmcompressive strength containing within 4% moisture. For higher moisture content the crusher may be operated with supply of water into the crushing chamber from a special facility.


Characteriistic features:

• Redustion ratio is 1.5 to 2 times higher as compared to conventional cone crushers

• Easilyadjustabletothecustomerspecifiedproductsize(e.g. withremotecontrolconsole)   

• Peculiar profile of chrushing chamber provides for surge load operation with no special  feeding device

• No massive foundation is required due to soft vibration isolation

• No overstress of drive unit parts will be imposed by uncrushable objects occurring in the crushing chamber

• A remote adjustment of discharge opening setting is possible to compensate for liners wear

• Wet crushing provides for wider range of  capacity and product size adjustment by changing crushing force and water flow rate




KID-600 version 1

KID-600 version 2

Cone base dia., mm 600 600
Feed size, mm     
   - Dmax 50 60
   - D80 40 50
Capacity, m/h 10 25
Max.product  size, mm(dmax) 5 20
Drive motor, kW 75 75
Crusher dimensions, mm    
   - length 2450 2450
   - width     1500 1500
   - height 2320 2320
Mass, t 8 8



(*) Dmax – sieve opening with 100% material passing

(**) D80 - sieve opening with 80% material passing

(***) Version 1 means the chamber adapted for standard feed size

      Version 2 means the chamber adapted for coarser feed size

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