DR 8х6

rotary crusher
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Rotary crusher DR 8х6  are designed for medium and small size crushing of limestone, dolomite, marl, marble, gypsum, ores of minor abrasivity and other similar materials. The maximum allowable compressive strength of crushed material is 100 MPa (1000 kgs / cm2).

Crusher are used in a variety of industries. Rotary crusher are characterized by a high crushing degree (8-10), high output, simple design and ease of maintenance, as well as high crushing selectivity and product cubicity.

Principle of operation of rotary crushers

The feed material is crushed on the basis of impact crushing by means of beaters, rigidly fixed on the rotor, rotating around the horizontal axis at high speed.

The size of the crushing product is determined by the speed of rotor rotation and the dimensions of the gaps between the rotor and the reflective plates.



Parameters Value



Max. size of feed grains, mm


Closed side setting, mm

16÷ 160

Output, m3/h


Estimated drive power, kW


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