ball mill for dry material grinding of low and medium hardness
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Ball mill of discontinuous operation MSh2 is designed for dry material grinding of low and medium hardness. Mill loading with material is effected through the manhole in the mill drum and the unloading is mechanical by reverse rotation. 

Index name Value
Drum inner diameter, mm 1350
Drum length, mm 1500
Drum volume, cubic meter 2,5
Capacity, kg/h 200-450
Maximum quantity of material to be charged, k 480
Unloading effective time, min 15
Constant excess of the material in the mill drum, kg 60-70
Material specific area at outlet, sq. cm/g 2000-6000
Working rotation speed of the main drive, rpm 30
Working rotation speed of auxiliary drive, rpm 3,3
Main mill drive (grinding, unloading), power., kW / rotation speed., rpm 37 / 1470
Auxiliary mill drive (additional turn), power., kW / rotation speed., rpm 2,2 / 3000
Overall dimensions  (length х width х height), mm 4720х1980х1650
Mass without grinding bodies, kg 6640


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