MMT 1300/2300/750K

hammer mill
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hammer mill is a mill aimed to shred or crush different materials into smaller pieces by the repeated blows of little hammers. These machines have many sorts of applications in many industries, including grinding milling and road-building. A hammer tangential mill is used for soft minerals grinding and medium hardness minerals grinding. Hammer tangential mills are used to dry and grind coal, gypsum, dolomite, sandstone, talc, kaolin, shell stone, as well as other minerals with similar characteristics. 


The basic principle is straightforward. A tangential hammer mill is essentially a steel drum containing a vertical rotating shaft. The hammers are free to swing on the ends of the cross, or fixed to the central rotor. The rotor is spun at a high speed inside the drum while material is fed into a feed hopper. The material is impacted by the hammer bars and is thereby shredded and expelled through screens in the drum of a selected size.


Parameters MMT 1300/2030/750K
Diameter of rotor, mm 1300
Lenght of rotor, mm 2030
Rotor speed, tpm 750

Dimensions of mill, mm:








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