Another shipment of electric locomotives from Slovakia for Severstal


21 and 24 July 2020, two long-waited underground locomotives EE-120 NASTYA and EE-120 LENA by PHS Strojarne were delivered to the warehouse for Kopranga (the Yakovlevsky mine). The locomotives were shipped with an extended spare parts kit.

In the frame of EE-120 DIANA locomotive supply, we took the opportunity to listen to the mineworkers’ feedback and needs and made a list of additional components for the locomotives.
The current shipment contained the following additional elements:
1 — Hinged side panels to facilitate the locomotive run down.
2 — Protective window bars on both sides to maintain glass integrity.
3 — Slide lateral window to ensure additional air circulation in the driver’s cabin.
4 — Reclining driver’s chair.
5 — Pantograph based on the Yakovlevsky mine drafts. Fully tailored for use at this mine.
6 — Mechanical fixed linkage for the pantograph lowering and fixation from the cabin. This new solution used for the first time was developed based on the specific configuration of the customer’s mine trolley.
7 — Pantograph cable with a quick-release connector to save the cable in case of an emergency.

Despite the pandemic conditions we managed to deliver the equipment on schedule and EE-120 LENA locomotive 50 days ahead of the contract schedule. For the customer plant, such advanced shipment is a strategic matter. The locomotives will be run down the mine and commissioned in pairs; thus the increase in electrical haulage efficiency will be improved more quickly.

Mining Machines are the official dealer of PHS STROJARNE locomotives and can furnish diesel, battery, trolley, suspended floor-rails, electric and other locomotives. Please feel free to ask questions about selection and purchase by contacting us: +7 (495) 107-92-94 ( Moscow), +7 (903) 161-10-17 ( Moscow), +7 (391) 290-15-55 ( Krasnoyarsk) or e-mail gm@zaogm. ru.

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