New mineral flour mill


The Mining Machines company is glad to offer a mill for producing the mineral flour used in acid soil neutralization. The mill can process sedimentary rock pieces sized under 500 mm into flour fertilizer complying to all requirements of GOST 14050-93 national standard.

The maximum unit capacity is 40 tonnes per hour. The equipment features a dust suction system keeping the mill eco-friendly. Further, no additional product drying required.

Dolomite flour:
— Neutralizes acid soil harmful for the majority of plants
— Improves physical and mechanical properties and structure of soils
— Increases the efficiency of applied organic and mineral fertilizers
— Improves the life conditions of the useful microorganisms
— Saturates the soil with calcium and magnesium involved in the photosynthesis process

The unit is supplied on a turnkey basis.
For purchase, please inquire:
Olga Yugrina, Leading Specialist, Sales Department,
phone: +7 (913) 0408556, e-mail: yugrina.o@zaogm.ru
Shavrov Alexander, Senior Manager, Sales Department,
phone: +7 (391) 2901500, e-mail: shavrov.a@zaogm.ru

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