Designing and delivering two industrial machines to Yakutia


The specialists of Mining Machines have designed two washing and sorting plants for the customer and selected the appropriate technology considering the technical task. GIT-52MB throw screens, PV-PBR-1.4/2.7 feeders, cavitators, locks and other necessary metal constructions have been sent in two sets to the facilities of our customer Nera company from our warehouse in Krasnoyarsk.

Nera company extracts ores, sands and precious metals, therefore two washing and sorting plants will definitely increase the productivity of the company. 

Remember, the personnel of Mining Machines will provide you with professional consulting, will design, select and deliver the necessary equipment to you. We are always ready to help you. Call us (495) 107-92-95, 107-92-93 in Moscow; (391) 290-15-55 in Krasnoyarsk, e-mail: gm@zaogm.ru

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